Kalispell, MT – The Humane Society of Northwest Montana is proud to announce that it has been awarded a $1,300 grant from Roundup for Safety sponsored by Flathead Electric Cooperative, Inc. 

Helping to safeguard lives, the Roundup for Safety grant award was used to fortify existing chain link fencing surrounding the Humane Society’s pet park.  In an effort to increase safety for people and pets, the Humane Society had horizontal metal posts installed along the bottom perimeter of the pet park’s chain link fence to reduce the risk of dogs pushing through and escaping onto nearby US Hwy 93 N where thousands of motorists commute daily.

Roundup for Safety awards grants to nonprofit organizations in Flathead Electric Cooperative’s service area that need help paying for safety-related projects.  Funds that support the Roundup for Safety program are from participating members who allow their monthly bills to be “rounded up” to the nearest dollar with the extra money going to a fund that is administered by an independent board of directors. 

According to Executive Director, Lori Heatherington, “We are extremely grateful to the Roundup for Safety Board of Directors for supporting the pet park safety project and thrilled that we were able to secure the fencing before the dogs days of summer arrive bringing with it more traffic along Hwy 93.”
For more information about the Humane Society of Northwest Montana or Roundup for Safety, Flathead Electric Cooperative, Inc., visit www.humanesocietypets.com or www.flatheadelectric.com