Whitefish Carnival Parade Pooches

Calling all dog walkers and animal lovers!

Whitefish Winter Carnival Parade!

Beep, the Humane Society front office manager.

Beep is ready for the Whitefish Carnival

If you and your canine (who likes to walk on a leash) would like to participate in the Whitefish Winter Carnival Parade and show your support for the Humane Society of Northwest Montana, please join us on Saturday afternoon, February 4th at 2:30 p.m. in front of Muldown Elementary School (600 E. 2nd Street) in Whitefish; just look for the Beagle, our 28’ RV.   Humane Society volunteers and adoption center dogs will be located in our designated parade line-up position as we decorate the Beagle for this year’s parade theme “Fiesta Pescado Blanco.”  Even our front office “manager”, Beep, is dressed and ready for the celebration.

Because parade participants are expected to honor the parade theme and we only ordered a limited number of sombreros, we would sincerely appreciate hearing from anyone who plans to walk in support of the Humane Society during the parade.  Please email volunteers@humanesocietypets.com so that we can reserve a sombrero for you!  If you would rather stand on the side lines of the parade, we remind everyone that the tradition of fun, frivolity and friendship known as the Whitefish Winter Carnival Parade begins promptly at 3pm on Saturday so make sure you arrive early enough to find a great viewing spot!

 We’ll see you at the Whitefish Winter Carnival!