Skijor Race near Glacier National Park

Last week we told you that Glacier Outdoor Center in West Glacier was hosting its 2nd Annual Dog Skijoring Race on Saturday.  Well, if you didn’t make it you missed a lot of fun.  Fortunately, the Humane Society was well represented and we managed to get some great video of this marvelous event.

Skijoring is a Norwegian word meaning ski driving where a person on snow skis is pulled by a dog (or dogs).  A great time was had by all, including a few of our homeless pets who enjoyed the day out.  The Humane Society would also like to thank the other organizations that made this possible.

Sponsors and Prize Donors include:

Glacier Outdoor Center
Glacier Raft Company
Whitefish Animal Hospital
Hugh Rodgers Dog Park WAG
Montana Coffee Traders
Mackenzie River Pizza