Puppy Making Progress at the Humane Society

A couple of days ago, we introduced the story about Heidi, a three month old puppy  who was surrendered to the Humane Society and required emergency surgery.  Thanks to Laura Wilson and KAJ18.com for doing a story about our little puppy yesterday.  If you visit the KAJ18 website you can see Heidi as she recuperates.

This could have been a very sad story as Heidi could have lost her leg if surgery was delayed. Fortunately, the Humane Society staff and a couple of Flathead County’s veterinarians came to her rescue and gave her a second chance at a normal life.  It won’t be long and Heidi will be spayed and ready to be adopted into her forever home.

Heidi is out of the woods, but we are not quite as fortunate. Heidi’s unexpected surgery, even though heavily discounted, still cost the Humane Society a lot of money. Will you please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help offset Heidi’s medical expenses?  Thank you.

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