Prevent Heatstroke in Pets

What You Need to Know About Heatstroke in Pets

Common Sense Tips for the Summer: If you think it’s hot – your pets are also feeling the heat. Be mindful of the signs of potential heatstroke.

  • Keep fresh water available at all times; try to secure the water bowl so it won’t tip over and provide a second bowl filled with ice cubes as an added treat
  • Make sure your pet has a covered, shady place to rest at all times during the day when the sun is out
  • Plan exercise and outdoor activities with your pet when the temperature is cooler – early morning or late evening
  • When traveling with your pet, keep your pet on a leash at your side – NEVER leave a pet in a parked car during the summer
  • Brush your pets more frequently during the summer; pets can get sunburned so check with your groomer before you shave your pet

Some symptoms of heatstroke in dogs  include:

  • Tongue is bright red while gums appear pale
  • Excessive panting
  • Non-responsive, doesn’t respond to its name
  • Saliva is thick
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Coma