National Pit Bull Awareness Day

Perception vs Reality!

Mention the term “Pit Bull” to many people and it will conjure up visions of snarling, teeth-gnashing half-crazed fighting dogs. Unfortunately, some pit bulls live up to that image, but not all of them.  Pit bulls are a product of their environment; how they were raised, trained and loved growing up usually determines their behavior as adults.

One such example of a perfect dog, which just happens to be a pit bull, is our boy Rambo. Watch this video and see if you don’t fall in love with Rambo.

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Rambo is a three-year old pit bull mix that was surrendered to the Humane Society of Northwest Montana because his former owner commuted out of state. Raised as a companion pet, Rambo thinks he’s a lap dog and loves to play fetch.  Enjoy these great pics of Rambo.

Think you know Pit Bulls?

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