Humane Society Volunteers

The Humane Society of Northwest Montana’s mission statement reads… “To promote compassionate care, perpetuate the bond between animals and humans and end the destruction of healthy adoptable pets so that every animal finds a loving home.

I doubt that anyone would disagree that ours is a noble mission.  However, a mission is little more than just a good idea unless people embrace that mission and dedicate themselves to making it become reality.

We are truly fortunate to have people like this volunteering with the Humane Society.  People who give up their valuable time and receive no money or recognition to help us accomplish our mission.  Please join me in thanking those special people; the volunteers of the Humane Society.  Learn more about these dedicated people, see Humane Society Volunteers.

Our volunteers give their time, but there is one other extremely important component that permits us to perform our mission.  The generosity of our donors – people like you.  How do I know that you are a compassionate animal lover?  You’re reading this post because you care.

Today’s economy is causing pain for every American family and all non-profit organizations are suffering as donations have in some cases, all but ceased.  The Humane Society is no exception, and because we represent homeless pets that cannot speak for themselves, it is even more important that people like you help us accomplish our mission by donating to the Humane Society of Northwest Montana.