Happy 4th of July Flathead County

On behalf of the homeless pets, our community volunteers, Board of Directors and staff of the Humane Society, we would like to say “Happy Birthday America“.

235 years young and still the greatest country in the history of this planet.  Sure, we have our political differences and we can fight among ourselves like children arguing over a candy bar, but there is one thing on which most of us do agree. Americans are renowned for their compassion and responding to people (and pets) who need our help.

That giving attitude seems to be inbred in our culture and nowhere is it more prevalent than in how we care for our pets and respond to homeless animals in need. Because of you, the Humane Society continues to feed, shelter and provide medical attention to dogs and cats awaiting adoption.

Dogs and Cats Await their “Independence Day”

We are proud to serve the citizens of Flathead Valley and join you this 4th. of July in celebrating America’s birthday.  Our kennels are full of lovable cats and dogs awaiting their “Independence Day”.

When the fireworks are over and the parade is just a memory, make a visit to the Humane Society and pick out you new best friend. Freedom is something we all crave – whether we walk on two legs or four.  If a pet is just not something you can commit to today, will you please consider a tax-deductible donation to help us care for those who can’t speak for themselves?