Dog Rescued from Glacier National Park Finds a Home

Kalispell, MT – The Humane Society of Northwest Montana is happy to announce that Troy, an abandoned, five-year old, Heeler mix dog that was rescued from St. Mary’s Lodge in Glacier National Park has been adopted.  After living at the Charlotte Edkins Animal Adoption Center for 16 months, Troy now has a family and a home of his own.

Thought to be abandoned at a gas station, Troy whose name means “foot soldier” roamed the grounds of St. Mary’s Lodge during the summer of 2013. Although many people attempted to entice him with food in order to secure him, Troy avoided human contact.  Unfortunately, no one could get close enough to capture him.

During the final days of his summer ordeal of taking shelter where he could and scavenging for food, Troy developed a bond with a friendly, stray Shepherd dog.  Fortunately, because the Shepherd trusted humans and Troy was willing to follow him anywhere, both dogs were rescued on September 27, 2013.

As St. Mary’s Lodge was preparing to close for the winter, Glacier Park Rangers were able to lure the Shepherd into an enclosure and Troy followed. That afternoon staff from the Humane Society of Northwest Montana retrieved the two dogs and transported them to the Charlotte Edkins Animal
Adoption Center.

Once at the Adoption Center, staff continued to rely on Troy’s trust of his canine friend, named Caden, to help with the socialization process.  Little did anyone know that after Caden was adopted, Troy would eventually become known as the Humane Society’s Dog Greeter & Pet Park Ambassador.  Troy never met a dog he didn’t like and was always willing to show other dogs how to have fun in the Pet Park.

Although Troy may always be wary of strangers, his new family says, “He is bonding well with everyone” especially his dog pack siblings, an adult Maltese/Papillon and a Husky mix puppy.

The Humane Society of Northwest Montana is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization that operates the Charlotte Edkins Animal Adoption Center located at 100 Adopt A Pet Way in Kalispell.  For more information or to make an online donation, visit