Best of the Flathead 2011

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If you have been following the Humane Society for any length of time you may remember that we had the honor of being voted “Best Non-Profit Group in the Flathead” in the 2009.  The Daily Inter Lake’s reader’s poll is an annual event and this year’s entries must be in by July 8th.

Most everybody has a favorite Doctor, Lawyer, Pastor, Restaurant, etc., but not everybody is familiar with the non-profit groups that call the Flathead home.  All charitable non-profits do good things for the recipients of their mission’s efforts, and some are high-profile and have the support of

What makes the Humane Society special is the work we do to support those who can’t speak for themselves.  Homeless and abandoned pets don’t have many options and we try to improve the quality of their lives until we can find a suitable home to adopt them.

None of our critters will care if we are acclaimed as the “Best Non-Profit Group in the Flathead” in 2011, but gaining that notoriety will get the attention of caring people whose financial contributions will help us serve more disadvantaged dogs and cats. For this reason, we are asking you to help us earn this recognition.

Will you please visit the Daily Inter Lake’s website and vote for your 2011 favorites?  The entry for our category is the very last box at the bottom of the page entitled “Best Things“…you’ll see this:

Vote for the Humane Society as the Best Non-profit in the Flathead

We don’t do what we do to win awards or to hang certificates on our wall.  Our staff and volunteers dedicate their time and effort to help creatures that literally depend upon us for their very existence.  We are funded solely by our community and anything we can do to raise people’s awareness to the plight of homeless animals helps the community and the creatures in our charge.  So, please vote for the Humane Society.  Thank you.

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