4th. of July Parade

The Humane Society in the Kalispell Parade

Five of our adoptable dogs participated in the Kalispell 4th. of July Parade today. Dandy, Leo, Lil’ Bear, Mikey and Zeus walked with Humane Society staff and volunteers.  We would like to wish a “Big tail waggin’ thank you to all the volunteers who took time from their day to give our dogs an outing and show Kalispell some of the great pets we have available for adoption.

The weather was wonderful and the parade was fun for everyone. If you were there you know what a great event this was. If you missed it, this short video will give you an idea of why the Kalispell 4th. of July parade means so much to so many people (and dogs).

Oh and BTW, we want to thank YOU. Thanks to all of you that turned out to watch the parade. When it is all said and done, the parade is for you because if you weren’t there why would there be a reason for a parade?  Thank you!